Saturday, September 04, 2010

Apologies To Shirley In Accounts Payable

Once again I have managed to get the #1 result in another Google Search No One Ever Uses, "Shirley In Accounts Payable"...

Which is odd because at one time—the 90s?—there was an anti-virus ad featuring "Shirley in Accounts Payable" (because nothing can protect your company from her).

So... sorry, Shirl... you're just too easy to pick on.

I used to work with a Queen Bitch named Shirley (we liked to call her "Squirrelly") who happened to work in Accounts Payable at a company I once worked for.  It was my first IT job.  Whenever the "Okie Dokie" printer, as everyone called them back then, was down, she would inevitably say, "If I can't print we don't get paid!"

Truthfully, she was a nice lady, about 40, blond, with a big set of bazongas, in a day before "MILF" was a common expression (you only knew it if you listened to Howard Stern back then).

These days, if she hasn't hit the wall by now, she might be a GILF.  It was that long ago.

But when that time of the month rolled around (no, not that time, but whatever day of the month accounting departments get busy) the Queen Bitch came out and you had best stay out of her office.  It was years after that the "Shirley In Accounts Payable" ad came out.  That ad always stuck in my mind because it reminded me of her and to this day I use "Shirley In Accounts Payable" when describing the average corporate user in everyday conversation.

So anyway, the original article mentioning Shirley is here.

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