Saturday, September 25, 2010

So Long, Ubuntu!

I have to admit I'm a little behind the curve on Ubuntu. 10.4 LTS has been around for months now, but all I've done is throw it on a VM and play with it a bit. That, and a disastrous upgrade attempt on a VirtualBox VM. But the other day I installed Xubuntu 10.4 (the Xcfe version) and I really liked what I saw, especially after installing Chrome on it.

In fact it was just about set up to my liking and I was moving some UT servers over to the disk when I decided to wrap up the install over Xwin from my XP box.

What a fucking disaster that turned out to be. It's all explained here.

Long story short, Ubuntu has decided to start screwing its pooch. So I said "buh-bye" to Ubuntu for good and started to look for another distro to install.

Oh, I thought about Fedora and CentOS and Suse and my first love, Slackware and I even [i]tried [/i]to download Suse & Slackie but it was a no go.

And although I'd [i]had it [/i]with Debian 5.0, that's where I landed. Deb will always take you back like a fat fuckbuddy.

At least it runs Chrome. That's about all I ask for in a Linux distro these days.

So here we are again. Look for EXPIV to become EXPV, but the BITCH House and Classic ]i[ will remain the same.

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