Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Five Hour FAIL

Today, on the Autumnal Equinox, a powerful storm blew through the area during rush hour. Driving through it was a serious BITCH, and when Pinky & I finally got home, the power was out and the house was dark.

According to the one analog clock in this house, it shut down a 5PM. It finally came back on after 10PM.

On the bright(-ish) side, all four UPSes shut down perfectly, even the new APC 1500, which had been giving me fits lately. Everything came back up without incident.

But, as expected for a long outage, the IP address changed, so you'll have to update your UT99 favorites accordingly.

And speaking of UT99, I may be replacing one of the servers in the near future, probably the 64bit dual core system, which is the hottest box I have right now. Unfortunately it is also severely underutilized.

But that plan is subject to change without notice and I have so many things going on right now it may be quite some time before I do anything at all (but I do have the replacement box right now).

Stay tuned.

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