Monday, December 21, 2009

Fuck GoDaddy and "Just Jonathan"

And the horse they road in on.

I went to The Unreal Admin Page originally to rant about GoDaddy and their suck-ass Tech Support but I ended up just browsing through the forums. While there, I found someone promoting an Unreal mod redirection service,

Since they had all the files required for Classic ]I[ Online, I set them up as the redirector. I'm not really comfortable with this decision, because I can't stand relying on someone else to always to the Right Thing, another reason I set up the GoDaddy account originally. But since GoDaddy has demonstrated they are incapable of doing the Right Thing anyway... well, why not use

I contemplated this switch for some time, but in the end the deciding factor was speed. UT Files turned out to be three times faster than GoDaddy's junky servers. And, there's no "Terms of Service" agreement at UT Files (or at least none that I can find so far).

So I opened an account and I'll be uploading the files they're missing that are required to run BITCH House (not many, actually), at which point I'll move it over. BOT House has nothing special besides FuckIdlers, my custom-hacked version of KickIdlers.

And apparently everything needed by the Too Many Mods server is there as well.

There's another part of the puzzle I'm looking into: dropping the connection when a player requests a file from poor, bandwidth-limited me instead of the redirection service (naturally, via iptables). If I can nail that one down, you can kiss lag good-bye forever.

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