Sunday, December 20, 2009


As if I don't have enough problems...

I just got off the phone with "Just Jonathan" of GoDaddy. He's not getting a favorable Customer Satisfaction survey from me.

Here's the scoop: as I mentioned earlier, I have two hosting accounts at GoDaddy. A new, Linux-based account and good old reliable, which is Windows.

Up since 2005, is where you get your UT mods from when you play on any of my UT servers. Since Day One, that was the reason I opened the account, and it has worked well for that purpose. However, getting it hosted on Windows was a mistake in the first place. Now, I want to put everything on the Linux server.

Sadly, it can't handle UT mods!

When you ask for a mod, your UT console sends an HTTP request - a regular, "nothing special" HTTP request like millions of other http requests made every microsecond - for the file. The Web server then sends you that file, no questions asked. Sounds easy? Maybe it's too easy. GoDaddy's Linux servers send UT a "302 Moved Temporarily" redirect back to UT, which it dies not understand.

For instance, if you ask for in the "utmods" folder, their Linux (Apache) server responds like this:

HTTP 302 Moved Temporarily
Location: /utmods/

... whereas the Windows (IIS6) server responds:


...and sends the file. Notice the appended "?29e15220"? What the HELL is that? UT doesn't understand and drops back to downloading it from my server. I don't have the bandwidth for that. I never have had the bandwidth for that, which is why I got the GoDaddy account in the first place.

I explain the situation to "Just Jonathan", who puts me on hold while he goes to talk to Someone Who Should Know About These Things.

"Just Jonathan" comes back to tell me that BY SERVING UT MODS I'M VIOLATING THE TERMS OF THE SERVICE AGREEMENT and they don't have to support my issue. He says it's not a good "long term solution" (although I've been doing it for ALMOST FIVE YEARS NOW on a GODDAMNED WINDOWS BOX I NEVER WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE) and if I really want to do this kind of thing I need to buy a dedicated hosting account.

Some "Tech Support" that is. Can't fix a problem? Upsell the sucker to a dedicated account and let him do his own fucking tech support.


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