Monday, December 21, 2009

UPTIME: Forty-Five Hours

This is the longest-running BOT House 2.6.32 kernel yet.

I was going to bounce it this morning "just because" but I think I'll let it run. Besides, Pinky Dink has the day off and I can have her bounce it if worse comes to worse.

I am looking into some 3rd party hosting options for the UT mods and in the meantime I've been twiddling file attributes at to see if I can get around the 302 redirects reliably, regardless of whether I'm violating GoDaddy's Terms of Service or not. That seems to be working, but it "seemed to be working" last time I messed around with it, too.

During all that messing around I discovered a few mod files were missing, so I uploaded them. One was, which is part of UTPure. It's a file everyone needs when they play BH. Since it was missing it was probably the cause of some short-lived lag on the server.

Anyway, it's Monday morning. Gotta run.

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