Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking Good...

... so far everything seems O.K.

Uptime is over 20 hours. If this works out, I'm going to re-hack the EXPIV kernel and get rid of the 8139cp driver on it as well. Even though there aren't any visible problems there, better to get rid of it if it's not needed.

If BOT House makes it until Sunday, I'm going to re-hack the BOT House kernel to re-enable SMP and Hyperthreading, since it was never an issue in the past.

I took some time to browse the code for both RTL8139 drivers to see if there are any obvious clues to problems like the ones I have been having. Nothing in there jumps out at me. They seem to share a lot of common code, but at first blush the 8139too driver appears to be not quite as complex as the 8139cp driver.

But who knows?

Last night after I took out the 8139cp driver, I had to wait out a bunch of players. It took over THREE HOURS for everyone to leave, but it was worth the wait. Since I didn't have anything to do but wait, I jumped in and played too. It was a good crowd until Koga showed up and started beating everyone's asses. She managed to clear everyone out pretty quick.

I knew she was good for something.

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