Saturday, December 12, 2009

What A Pain In The Ass

Linux kernel 2.6.32 + ipset v4.1 + iptables 1.4.6 are now current on BOT House and EXP IV.

Just like last time, the upgrade went without a hitch on EXP IV. Everything is smooth as silk. No issues at all. Period. Well, maybe one. Once again, the NVidia driver had to be replaced because of the kernel upgrade, but that too compiled on the first shot and installed without a problem.

BOT House, on the other hand, would not cooperate.

Sure, the kernel compiled on the first attempt, but then the fun began. The NFS (Network File System) server choked on reboot. This was not good because EXP IV gets all its scripts from an NFS share on BOT House. This turned out to be the Debian NFS start-up script. Fixed. Rebooted. Then iptables wouldn't come up. It suddenly didn't like the order it was started in, so I changed that. Bingo.

BOT House took about four and a half hours to upgrade, two and a half for the kernel build and another two hacking around with the side issues. Now if it stays up without a problem for 24 hours I will be a happy fella. The upgrade to 2.6.31 in September was fine until the next day, when the whole system ground to a halt. I think I did something silly during the configure back then, so this time around I used the stock Debian config. Only time will tell.

Anyway, I'll be playing on and off the whole weekend. See you there.

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