Sunday, August 01, 2010

Auto Godlike Mode!

Once Auto AutoAdjust started working after I fixed it, I decided it didn't work too well.

At least it did work, after all these months, but it just wasn't enough to make a difference. So now on top of AutoAdjust, I kicked the bots' skillz up to "Godlike".

Again, this only happens once the lead players' score is half the winning score ahead of the next highest player. It only effects the bots, so if there is a house full of humans nothing really happens.

Considering the bots normally start out as "Novice", if you're really good and you're the only person playing, WATCH OUT!

I have taken great pains to assure that the bots go back to "Novice" mode after the game is over, but there may be unusual circumstances where they might get stuck in "Godlike" mode.

To test all this out I may declare another General Amnesty and un-ban all the bad players.

I have the week off so I'll probably be playing quite a bit.

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