Monday, August 02, 2010

NEW! Bot Skillz Code

From here on out, if you want to know the Bot skill level during the game, say:


... and the admin will tell you after a short delay.

I suppose it stands for "Hinky Skill Quotient". It must be ALL CAPS. Don't forget the BANG (!) at the end.

Of course you can always do it the old-fashioned way, whatever that is. I assume there must be a command somewhere in the UT game console, but I seldom use it, so I wouldn't know.

Auto AutoAdjust works quite well. It gives the good/cheating players a run for their money and since they usually clear the place anyway I'm not too concerned about that happening. It will always reset to Novice sooner or later, and it will not AutoAdjust when a Bot has the lead.

When it happens the best thing to do is try to hide somewhere and let the hotshots deal with it until it's over.

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