Sunday, August 01, 2010

Back To Plan "A"

"Auto Godlike" was just a bit too much.

Some players are going to have nightmares tonight because of it. They went home crying their little eyes out.

Sorry about that.

Plus for some reason it seemed to be a little "sticky", meaning it just wouldn't reset itself between games. I know I've seen that before. Godlike has a mind of its own sometimes.

And when everybody's getting beat, no one wants to hang around. It really cleared the place out, which is not the point.

So it's back to "Auto AutoAdjust", which is capable of Godlike if it has to be. The spread is hard-coded to ten instead of half the high score. That way, Classic ]I[ will never go into AutoAdjust (the high score is only 10). There are better ways of doing that but for now it's a quick fix.

I need to put a little finesse into it as well. It shouldn't kick in if a bot is winning, only a human. That might take a little work, but bots are pretty obvious because they have a zero ping.

When the admin says "KICK OUT THE JAMBS" that's when everything kicks in, so watch out for it.

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