Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 Days of "Auto AutoAdjust"

And no one has complained yet!

I must say it adds a bit of a challenge. And that challenge is staying less than 10 points ahead! That, and finding a good place to hide when it's time to KICK OUT THE JAMBS!

IN OTHER NEWS, it seems like the stars and planets have aligned for some sort of cosmic spotlight on the old Dinkster. Normally, for me at least, when I get that feeling it's reminiscent of the archetypal wide-eyed convict with hands spread and back against the prison wall.

Generally speaking, not a good feeling.

This time around I think things are going to be different. There are some endings and beginnings on the horizon and all of them are good. Not only is there a light over at the Frankenstein Place there's one at the end of the tunnel as well. Last week brought a Triple Whammy of Good Things, all centered around the same subject, a subject on which I just happen to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME, for you non-PMPs).

And although I don't want to get specific just yet, suffice to say this may finally be my ticket out of the Salt Mines.

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