Tuesday, August 03, 2010

XOR AX,AX Retired

The bot XOR AX,AX (a.k.a "Zero") has been retired and replaced by "ASS-HOLO", in (dis)honor of ACE-GORO, who is an annoying little bitch because he's always trying to lure players away to his server.

After testing out Auto-AutoAdjust I decided to take some skillz away from 6 Pack Sally, who was more than nasty enough without getting AutoAdjusted. She's still tough, but not as tough as she used to be.

FWIW, "xor ax,ax" is an old (I first heard about it in the 80s) programmer trick to load a CPU register with zero. Since any number xor'd with itself is zero, it helps to save CPU cycles and memory over an immediate load. It has become so prevalent over the years it has become a standard assembler optimization. It will probably never be retired.

Now that it's working I am declaring a General Amnesty and clearing out the firewall rules.

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