Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Always Something!

After I published my first Websense hack back in 2007, my hard drive died. It took out BOT House for a couple of months (just the box itself, the UT servers were jacked around to other boxes and VMs).

The second time, RoadRunner died.

Now, on the day after the third Websense hack, RoadRunner decides to re-engineer its entire network.

They moved the DHCP server and re-IP'd the entire network in my area sometime after 2AM this morning. As a result, everything died.

For the average user, moving the DHCP server should never be an issue, but in RR's case, it's on a network. The problem is, with my unique setup, I already have a route for, so the router/firewall (which is where BOT House lives) was never able to renew its address, knocking it offline.

Which is just as well because BH only expects to lose its address after an extended power outage. It's hacked around so that everything - startup scripts, routes, system variables, etc. - gets changed after a reboot with a new IP. No reboot, no IP change.

And naturally, once I rebooted BH to set everything right again the damned thing decided to check all the disks, which took forever.

The servers are indeed back up, but you will need to update your UT99 favorites, if that's how you connect.


For the first time in four years this place attracted comment SPAM in the Websense Redux article, which was THE WORST PLACE they could have picked. I don't want to moderate the comments, but if it keeps up I'll have no choice.

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