Saturday, August 21, 2010


A few refinements were made today.

First, I bumped the BOTs' skillz downward.

Second, if BOTs are in first and second place, AutoAdjust is turned OFF.

Lastly, the spread that kicks in AutoAdjust is now HISCORE/3. This makes no difference in BOT House, but it kicks the spread up to 11 in EXPIV.

In all, it's easier to kick into AutoAdjust. You just have to work harder when you're winning!

I finally had to stop following BOT House and EXPIV on Twitter. There was just too much garbage and - I never thought it would happen, but - I'm actually starting to need tweets to stay informed on a number of subjects. I still keep a tab open on both of them to see what's going on and I continue to be amazed at the fact that, combined, they have over 1100 followers.

In fact, if you search for BOT House on Google (with or without quotes), the BOT House Twitter page is the number one hit. That came as quite a shock, considering without quotes there are over seventeen million hits (with quotes, just over 14K).

So anyway, tweet me if you get a chance. I am finally paying attention.

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